A session with the author of 'My First Flight'…….. Khushbu Kirti | SETH M.R JAIPURIA SCHOOLS LUCKNOW

A session with the author of ‘My First Flight’…….. Khushbu Kirti

A session with the author of ‘My First Flight’…….. Khushbu Kirti

People will tell you it is hard to understand poetry. T. S Eliot told the world that real poetry will communicate itself to you before it is understood.
On the morning of the 5th of July, 2018, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School had with us someone who pens down soulful poems that communicate themselves to you, Ms. Khushbu Kirti. Ms. Kirti is a Jaipurian alumni and a published author. Jaipuria School, proud family from her alma mater had hosted an event to honour her and her book, titled, “My First Flight”.

Ms. Kirti was there to talk about her book, which is a collection of heartfelt and stirring poems, — all extremely expressive and beautifully written. The session began with her talking about her journey from writing in tenth standard to the publishing of her book, which was followed by an enlightening question-answer session with the audience. She also recited some of her poems to the enraptured gathering. The Jaipurian Literary Club members who had written an overwhelming number of self – composed poems, students of classes sixth to the twelfth standard were eager to learn poetry writing skills from Ms. Kirti. These children recited their spoken word poetry to Ms. Kirti and applause rang steadily through the audience every time a student stepped up to share their work.

It was a wonderful interaction session when students felt that one day even they could also write poetry and publish a book. . It certainly inspired all budding writers in the school which took the Spoken Word poetry endeavor to the next level.

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