A talk on Road Safety

A talk on Road Safety

Seth M.R. Jajipuria School had organised a talk on 23rd April, 2018, about Road Safety. The A.R.T.O. Lucknow, Mrs. Ritu Singh was the guest speaker. Taking the initiative  towards Road Safety, the UN Secretary, General Ban Ki-Moon has said ” The Decade of Action for Road Safety can help all countries drive along the path to a more secure future. We need to move the campaign into high gear and steer our world to safer roads ahead. Together we can save millions of lives”. Making driving safe this talk by Mrs. Sigh was very captivating. She familiarised the students with the spirit and genesis of Road signs. The students had a very informative interaction with Mrs. Singh on various topics; how to handle road accidents victims, advantages of seat belts, how to handle distractions while driving, safe cycling tips. An oath was also taken to follow traffic rules to make Roads a safer WAY to drive towards development of society.

An art competition was also held on Road Safety for all the students  across the school. 15 trophies were warded to the best art work. Certificates were also given to the winners.


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