Bhawani Bharti Inter-School Poetry Competition 2017 | SETH M.R JAIPURIA SCHOOLS LUCKNOW

Bhawani Bharti Inter-School Poetry Competition 2017

Bhawani Bharti Inter-School Poetry Competition 2017

Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Lucknow had the honour of hosting the Inter-School Bhawani Bharti Poetry recitation competition on 6th November, 2017.Around 11 schools from Lucknow, Kanpur and Banaras came to prove their mettle in the well organized event for the students of grades 6,7 and 8.The students had to recite Shlokas composed by Mahrishi Arvind. On this occasion the special guest Dr. Sampdanand Mishra, Director, Bhartiya Sanskriti Sansthan, Puducherry expressed his views on Mahrishi Arvind. He said that our Mother Land is not just a piece of land but a Power.Quoting an incident from Bhagvat Gita, he said that Krishna had motivated Arjun to perform proper ‘Karma’, similarly Mahrishi Arvind through the medium of Bhawani Bharti has given a call to all the Indians to do `good karma’.The Vice-Chairperson of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria emphasised upon a fact that the children in Japan from childhood are trained to follow their traditions and language that has helped them to walk the path of progress and development. Hence, the mother of all languages’Sanskrit’ should be the way of expression and feeling that should be taught to the children in India also.  The Chief Guest Mr. Surendra Pathak highlighted that internal powers help in all round development of a child, and Sanskrit is the language which teaches the continuity of Indian civilization and cultural heritage  . This language brings closer the soul with the God.

A trail of prizes were won by Seth M.R. Jaipuria School………….Yuvakshi Rastogi of class 6 won the 1st prize, from class 7 Harsh Nath won the 3rd prize and Aliza Kadir of class 8 bagged the 2nd prize.Congratulations!

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