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English Elocution – Class 1

English Elocution – Class 1

The English Elocution competition organized on 31.8.18 and 1.9.18 for Class 1 students was a treat to watch. Each poem was carefully selected. The confidence of the children, voice modulation and clarity   was exemplary. On day 1, the children of House of Strength and House of Wisdom recited their poems beautifully. On day 2, the House of Harmony and House of Perfection were no less. The practices and the final days presentations have provided a great experience for the children as well as the teachers. Each performance was brilliant.

The day 1 competition was judged by Mrs.Mitali Srivastava and Mrs.Rosy Trehan. The day 2 competition was judged by Mrs.Gurpreet Kaur and Mrs.Achira Sharma.

The results were as follows-

1st position: House of Wisdom

2nd position: House of Strength

3rd position: House of Perfection

4th position: House of Harmony


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