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Jaipuria tops the Brain-o -brain competition
December 15, 2015
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December 26, 2015


On the 12th December,  Fiza Khan, Tathagat Bhatia and Aditii Wakhlu, this year’s participants in the Logo+Philia International Gala , the largest on-stage Vocabulary Olympiad, brought laurels to Seth M.R.Jaipuria school by being the only team to have all 3 participants hold positions in the top 6.

The 3-day event at Sunbeam Suncity school, Varanasi, was a huge success with workshops on Etymology and binomial nomenclature on the first two days along with the Grand Finale on the third. After rigorous workshops during the days, there were various activities conducted in the evenings, which included coining new words (neologisms), a treasure hunt and Pictionary around a bonfire.

There were 73 participants from schools and colleges all over the country and for the first time from GEMS  international, Dubai as well.

Our participants performed incredibly well by scoring the highest in the Galability preliminary  test with Aditii Wakhlu ,Tathagat Bhatia and Fiza Khan scoring 118,117 and 115/120 respectively thereby  qualifying for the stage round. It is indeed commendable that all three participants made it to the top ten in the stage round with Fiza Khan at rank 3, Tathagat Bhatia at rank 4 and Aditii Wakhlu at rank 6.  The top 2 ranks were awarded to Delhi University students.

Aditii Wakhlu received a trophy for being the highest scorer in the Galability test and Harshi Lal who had accompanied the team as an intern received one for the best neologism. Shimul Goel, another intern from Jaipuria said, ‘ It was indeed an enriching experience for me and I can proudly say that my vocabulary has enhanced tremendously because of Logophilia.’

‘It was heartening to mentor a team that was evidently the strongest among all the others’, said Mrs. Nikhat Khan, Head of Dept. of English at Jaipuria school. The team shall ever be thankful to their teacher escort Ms. Shweta Gupta whose motivation contributed greatly to the success of the participants.