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December 26, 2015
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December 30, 2015

Athletic Meet 2015-16

The 23rd Annual Athletic Meet of Seth M.R .Jaipuria School was held on 17th December 2015 with all its usual vigour and enthusiasm.. The students who were looking forward to two days of competition were in high spirits

The event started with the unfurling of the school flag by our revered chief guest Mr.Bhuvant Singh, an international athlete and national record holder in 400m hurdles. This was followed by the National anthem and a spectacularMarch Past by our school students. The athletes took an oath to display sportsmanship while competing with each other . This solemn oath was administered by the sports captain Abhishek A.Singh.

The bevy of events for the day included 100m flat race,100m hurdles race ,shotput,high jump,1500m open race and a house relay.All the houses cheered for their favourite students creating an ambience of healthy competition





The champions of the event are as follows:

A-division(boys):  Manas Saxena-Ganga-15 points

A-division(girls):   Girika Singh-Narmada-14 points

B-division (boys):  Harsh Kumar-Narmada-14 points

B-division(girls) :   Aastha Sharma-Ganga-14 points

C-division (boys):  Shiv Hari Om Pathak-Ganga-11 points

C-division (girls):  Sanvi Singh-Krishna-12 points

D-division (boys): Sonu Kumar-Ganga-10 points

D-division (girls): Aarshi Krishna-Narmada-9 points

The unique aspect of this event was the display of courage, skill and temperament by the paticipants.The values of sportsmanship and teamwork resonated on the school grounds with an energetic vibe and a lovely atmosphere .

The prizes were distributed to the winners by our chief guest. Ganga house was declared the overall champion of the event.Harsh Kumar and Aastha Sharma received the Harsh Vats scholarship for their outstanding performance.

As the proceedings came to an end,our honourable Principal Mrs. Promini Chopra shared her thoughts about the importance of sports in one’s life and inspired us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone left the area in high spirits,learning something from the outstanding and remarkable sports meet that they had just witnessed.