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Athletic Meet 2015-16
December 28, 2015
Youth programme for school children to mark the national Youth Day 12 January
January 13, 2016

Colours of Nature

Flow India is an Integrated Creative Enquiry Programme. The process of creative enquiry is a stimulus in developing skill, exploration ,creative production sharing and reflection. Flow Team’s IInd intervention was well planned.

It was a wonderful learning experience for the students. They came to know a lot about the Botanical Garden and its features. This time the project was based on environment.  The children learnt about different kinds of plants like ferns, mosses and flowering plants.  How to plan a garden?  Amount of manure and fertilizer required, amount of water and the amount of sunlight required by different types of plants. They also learned not only about planting but also about taking care of their own garden. The children were sent to different sections in groups to ensure proper management. They also spoke to the gardeners present there and gathered useful information. It was a very enjoyable and a great learning experience for the children.