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Runner Up At CSI Programming Competition
September 17, 2016
Lawn tennis regional Tournament
September 23, 2016

A talk show of Mrs. Promini Chopra on Teacher’s Day

The Principal of Seth M.R. Jaipuria, School, Mrs. Promini Chopra is a stellar lady with lot of poise and serenity. Her patience with the teachers is unmatchable. Mrs. Chopra’s elegance is exhibited in every realm as the Principal of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School.The simplicity and the grace of Mrs. Chopra is peerless. Mrs. Promini Chopra was invited as the guest speaker on the 5th September, 2016, Teacher’s Day by the Doordarshan Kendra, Lucknow. In her interview Mrs. Chopra said” we believe that all knowledge is within and it is the work of the teacher and the school to create such a conducive environment wherein the child is encouraged and guided to recognize his latent potential so that he excels in that particular field. Every child is a multifaceted personality gifted with some inherent talent”. Mrs. Chopra emphasized that “it is expected from teachers to acknowledge that children possess wisdom and should never feel dismissive that the child knows more. In fact, teachers should encourage the child to progress on the path of acquiring appropriate knowledge”. “Moreover, a teacher’s major role for the child’s development is dependent on how the teacher connects with the child and promotes mental, physical and emotional development, enabling the child to lead a meaningful and purposeful life”. Seth M.R. Jaipuria School is proud to have a steering Principal who is incomparable and believes in the wholesome development of a child.