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Ladder of Feedback-Class5
December 21, 2016
Annual Prize Day – 2016 (Junior School)
December 30, 2016

Scholastic Week – 2016

The Scholastic India Pvt Ltd organised a Scholastic Book Week from 17th October to 22nd October in our school.They conducted different activities and competitions for d ifferent classes.Our Junior School participated in these activities during their library period. All students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They were very happy and enjoyed a lot. In the end ,suitable books wete given as prizes to the best entry from each section of the respective classes.

The winners of the competitions are as follows-

Event: Painting Competition

Class :  1A- Ishita Srivastava

1B- Shubh Narain Srivastava

1C-  Arya Anupam

1D- Kalyani Shankar

1E- Arshwani Kumar Ratna

1F- Aryan Singh

1G- Arisha


Event : Maze Solving Activity

Class   2A-  Apratim Amit Dixit

2B- Shivanshi Gupta

2C- Vaidehi Suryavanshi

2D- Atharv Gupta

2E- Ashwina Singh

2F- Gauranshi

2G- Shubh Singh


Event: Short Story Writing Competition

Class: 3A-0jaswi Agarwal

3B- Shambhavi Singh

3C- Shreya Bindal

3D- Sarthak Mishra

3E- Vartika Taneja

3F- Aradhya Sharma

           3G- Abhigya Suryavanshi


Event: Short Story Writing Competition

Class: 4A-Fiza Rizvi

4B- Mahirah Naeem

4C- Gauri Mishra

4D-Navya Jain

4E- Mayank Chowdhary

4F- Kartik Bhatt

4G- Manzil Chowdhary



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