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Coffee With Parents Playgroup at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School (Lucknow)
January 10, 2018
Coffee with Parents | Grade UKG B
January 15, 2018

Personal Transformation Project

We, at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, feel that each child is differently creative , thus , different issues are important for different children. Therefore , the students of class 8 take up a project to change their inner self  through a project , named Personal Transformation Project. Each student identifies an issue in his/her life , which is very close to their heart and needs to be worked upon. The students work on this project within a course of six months , after being oriented by their class teachers in the month of May.

                    The students choose a suitable topic, for which they work upon in different ways to get a satisfying result. Some of the chosen topics this year were ‘How I improved my creativity in writing skills?’ , ‘How I can strengthened my relations with my mother while teaching her computer?’ , ‘How I conquered my stage fright?’ , ‘How I became more disciplined at home?’ , ‘How I improved my mathematical skills?’ , ‘How I educated the children of an orphanage?’ , etc. The students are marked on the project on the basis of their creativity , research , planning and presentation. These marks are added to their English Language result in different Period Orders , which makes them more serious about it.

                   After a week of dry run under the supervision of their class teachers , the students are groomed to present their project , before the jury and audience. This year , about 290 students presented their projects before the jury on 23rd of December. The jury comprises of a parent , a teacher and a peer.

                 The students did a remarkable work in putting up their project , which was largely applauded by the audience. The Principal , Mrs. Promini Chopra , addressed the jury members and briefed them about the project. She also took  a feedback at the end of the project and promised the parents to incorporate the suggestions . The Vice – chairperson of our school , Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria , also graced the occasion with her presence and was overjoyed with the work done by the students.