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Guided Meditation on Peace and Love by Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria : Junior Teachers
April 20, 2018
Guided Meditation on Peace and Love by Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria : Senior Teachers
April 20, 2018

Guided Meditation Sessions by Mrs Anjali Jaipuria

From 16th to 20th April 2018, Seth M. R. Jaipuria School had organized a Guided Meditation session under the expert supervision of Mrs Anjali Jaipuria. It was a series of well planned sessions designed for students and the staff of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School.

On 16th April, Monday, the session was planned exclusively for children. During this session children shared their ideas and individual experiences on meditation. Ma’am began the session by first narrating and explaining the story of evolution in spiritual light. This was followed by ‘Om chanting’.After 2 minutes of The Mother’s music Ma’am conducted the guided meditation enabling children to experience their subtle body, followed by experience of the blissful descent of divine peace in the subtle and physical being. The students felt extremely blessed to have got the opportunity to be part of such an enlightening experience.

On 17th and 18th  April, the meditation session was for the  School Teachers. Introducing the audience to the proper meaning and purpose of meditation, Ma’am explained significance of principles and values of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The importance of connecting to the higher self  was well explained. She simplified understanding of subtle, physical and mental bodies for all present. This meditation session also included inviting and embodying divine peace and love into the subtle & physical body of all participants. Introducing the audience to the proper meaning and purpose of meditation, Ma’am guided the teachers through various soothing meditative spiritual experiences with supportive examples and quotes to make the understanding of complicated facts easier

As per many of the audience this meditation session was a beautiful experience which they had experienced for the first time. All expressed deep gratitude for such a wonderful experience.

Many teachers related their views after meditation as a life time experience. Many others who were speechless as they were overwhelmed after experiencing the rich feeling after meditation expressed fervent wish to be part of such meditation session again in future. Almost everyone experienced relieved and stress free as the session progressed.

On the day of the culmination that is 20th both the teachers and students exchanged their spiritual experiences and ideas with ma’am. Needless to say each had a blissful expression on their face as they expressed their experience of the Meditation workshop.