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Inter- School Open Chess Tournament
May 1, 2018
Jaipuria dedicates the Academic year 2018-19 to the Armed forces
May 2, 2018

Inter-House Hindi Creative Writing Competition

Seth M.R. Jaipuria School organised the Inter-House Hindi Creative Writing Competition on  17th April, 2018. Creativity is just not a mind to be filled but it is a fire to be kindled. The competition was held for the students of classes 6 – 9. Topics ranged from शब्द सीमा नहीं, मेरे घर में एक खरगोश,तितलियों के पंख का रंग, उगते सूरज से डूबने तक, जंगल का वह पुल और फूल, अभिवक्ति की आजादी: क्यों और कितनी, मंजिल सामने थी. मैंने पीछे मुड कर देखा और……… .

Innovative thinking which expresses unique thoughts turned into some worth rewarding articles . Children from the Four Houses participated with great excitement. Certificates were awarded to the winners from each class.