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August 29, 2018
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August 29, 2018

First Book Forum at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School

The English Literary Club of Seth M.R Jaipuria School conducted the first book forum of the year 2018-19 on 14th August. The topic for the discussion was ‘Independence’.

The event witnessed active participation of students from classes 6 to 10. There were enthusiastic debates, role plays where students expressed their views.  A talk on independence by Aarav Baluja of class 9 gave the message that Independence is not just celebration but for us it should a way of life.

Books such as `Room’and `The Hunger’ were discussed. Many insightful themes underlying in books came up and specific forms of independence like freedom from captivation, tyranny and even a false sense of security were discovered.

The  participants were reminded to read certain books- class 6 was asked to read the Percy Jackson and the Harry Potter series, class 7 was suggested to read the Hunger Games series, class 8 was asked to delve into the Divergent series and class 9 was asked to read classics.  The most unique book of the event.             Room by Emma Donoghue, suggested and reviewed by Zoya Khan of class 6, was asked to be read by everybody.

Book Forums are a great platform for readers to share their thoughts on and discuss books amongst others of their kind and, all the while, learn from people.

 Happy Reading!

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