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Playgroup visit to the Zoo
March 11, 2019
Last Assembly of the Junior School for the session 2018-2019
March 17, 2019


“You cannot change the outer world unless you begin by changing yourself”

 These words of THE MOTHER appropriately convey the thought behind setting up the Healing Habitat at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School. To provide a physical environment which would work as a catalyst for a synergistic relationship between students and to maximize their total effectiveness, the aim of the healing habitat is to heal oneself before we try to heal others.

 We have six sections which rejuvenates  those who pay a call to The  Healing Habitat

 The Tree of Self Compassion

SELF-FORGIVENESS is often the first step toward a more loving and positive relationship with yourself, and therefore with others. We believe that forgiving yourself is the first step to accepting yourself. The tree of self-forgiveness asks you to write what you forgive yourself for.

 The Gratitude Tree

The Gratitude Tree is a gentle reminder that no matter how busy our lives may be there is always something we can be thankful for. By writing down the things we are grateful we learn to become aware of and appreciate our blessings.

The Tree of Silence

The tree of silence provides shade for introspection and meditation. It is especially useful during conflict resolution where we encourage children to reflect upon their actions by observing a moment of silence.

 Let Go Pond

Sometimes as adults we teach children that certain emotions are ‘bad’ and they should be repressed. But the truth is each emotion has in it 

itself the power to change oneself and thus we ask children to identify one thing they would like to let go off. They then pick up a marble, write on it and drop it in the pond and see it disappear. This symbolic way helps children realize that the power to improve oneself lies within.

The Garden of Kindness

Students are asked to plant a sapling whenever an act of kindness is done towards them. This activity helps to develop soul values of love caring and sharing and appreciation in oneself.

  The Buddy Bench

Friends are an integral part of one’s life at any age. This is a place which helps in strengthening the bonds of friendship among buddies and form new ones. It is also helpful in revolving conflicts.

 Parents, teachers and students are welcome to visit the healing habitat whenever they feel a need to be with themselves.