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Art Walls – the third Educator
April 15, 2019
Junior School English Hand Writing Competition 2019-2020
April 24, 2019

House Meetings

The aim to have House system is to develop an identity of the student, to develop pride in ones’s school and foster a school culture for caring and sharing, encourages participation in a  wide range of sports and cultural activities.The House System provides the framework for caring and sharing among students and above all it promotes leadership development.

  Students at Seth M. R Jaipuria School belong to one of the four houses – WisdomHarmony, Strength, and Perfection. The experience of being together over several years as a group fosters faith in working as a community, where personal interest sometimes has to be held back because of understanding the value of the common good. 

The first House Meetings for the session 2019-20 were held in April. During the meeting, the children were briefed about the importance of house system in schools. The house teachers, captain, vice-captain and prefects introduced themselves and gave inspirational speeches about the attributes of their respective houses. This infused a renewed house spirit as they vowed to work upon their weaknesses, build upon their strengths, work in cohesion and take their houses to greater heights.