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Junior School English Debate Competition
May 8, 2019
May 9, 2019

ICSE & ISC Results

No matter how many years may pass and no matter how many students may graduate from the corridors of the school, the excitement is almost always very enthralling every time the ISC and ICSE results are due to be announced. 07th May was no different when the school saw many of its students and equally excited teachers glued to the screen set up in the school lobby to view the results. With bated breath, silent prayers, and words of encouragement, it was a moment of sheer joy and celebration where the numbers went up on the screen.
Seth M.R. Jaipuria yet again witnessed a 100% result! Continuing the legacy of previous years, the ISC toppers from the Humanities Stream Madhav Agarwal and Shivika Singh scored a straight 99.25% and Tanya Yadav scored a whopping 98.5% and stood second, Esha Gupta, Tejasvi Rajesh and Devina Singh scored a brilliant 98.25%.

At the ISC level, out of a total of 236 students 34 students scored above 95% and 82 students scored above 90%. Average percentage in each subject varied from 84% to 95%.

The school average in the ISC examination was 85.18%.

The ICSE topper Shreshth Bindal aced with 99%.

The school average in the ICSE examination was 87.77%

At the ICSE level, out of a total of 262 students 55 students scored above 95% and 137 students scored above 90%.

Excellent performances by all the students at both the ISC and ICSE levels ensured that the school’s flag soared even higher. With tears of joy and skip in the beat, students and teachers alike reveled in the moment of pure ecstasy. The yearlong efforts put in by all the teachers and the immense hard work put in by each and every student locked in the school’s yet another brilliant performance at the all India examinations.