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Spiritual Retreat at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School
June 30, 2019
Tree Plantation Drive
July 3, 2019


“Self Observation is the first step towards inner unfolding,” as quoted by author Amit Ray reflects the first step one can take towards the path of spirituality and our Playgroup students are right on it.

Stick figures are more than they seem. While they appear to be minimal representations of our children’s outlook on life, they can, in fact, tell us a great deal about how they feel, their thoughts, how they see the world in which they live, and how they see others.

Our students did a ‘Self Portrait’ activity where they observed their reflection in the mirror and drew self portraits, simultaneously. 
As they were drawing, the class teacher was constantly discussing with them about their different body parts, their smile, facial expressions and dress.
Some of the students paid attention to details like ID cards, hair length, coloured pupil, cap, nostrils etc. while drawing the sketch.