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Class 3 Forum, 2019-20
October 1, 2019
Seth M.R. jaipuria School participated in the Design Championship
October 25, 2019

Lucknow Open Chess Tournament

Churchians’ Association of Lucknow organized the First Christ Church College Prize Money  for Lucknow District. Seth M.R. Jaipuria School  participated in the Lucknow District Chess Tournament from October 18th to 20th, 2019.The tournament was held in three categories; open, under 16 and under 12.Seth M.R. Jaipuria   School won the third team prize with 19 points.The individual school prizes were decided on the basis of the points by top four performers of the school:

1) Aryan Singh
(Rank- 7th out of 110 players
Points scored- 5.5 out of 7 rounds) 
2) Shreyansh Krishna
(Rank- 18th out of 110 players
Points scored- 5 out of 7 rounds)
3) Saanvi Agarwal
(Rank- 23th out of 110 players
Points scored- 4.5 out of 7 rounds)
4) Abhigyan Patel
(Rank- 42th out of 110 players
Points scored- 4 out of 7 rounds)