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The Power of Love
March 3, 2020
Grandparents’ Day
March 8, 2020

Personal Transformation Project

At the heart of our school lies the philosophy of conscious transformation; we encourage our students to be consciously aware of their actions and the effect they have on their environment. Students take up a number of community and individual projects to work towards this inner change.  Personal Transformation is one such project where the students are encouraged to introspect and work on consciously changing that aspect, which could be a lacuna that they wish to fill, a skill that they wish to excel or even a relationship that they wish to correct.

The students are encouraged to choose a topic that they feel passionately about; they then work on that topic and document the changes that they have undergone in the process of the transformation. Their transformation journey is then showcased in a presentation at the end of the year in front of their parents, teachers and friends.

This year’s project topics ranged from personal relationships to community development to self-worth. Some of the most interesting topics included ‘How I worked towards improving my relationship with my brother’, ‘How I learnt the prime importance of every individual’, ‘How I took a step towards conscious transformation’, ‘How I learnt to be self-reliant’, ‘How I defeated my aggression’ etc.

 It was uplifting to witness the students speak so openly and confidently about their problems to the audience; the students not only found solutions to their issues but also implemented them resulting in the desired change. 

Here are a few glimpses of this year’s Personal Transformation Project of Class 8