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March 4, 2020
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March 15, 2020

Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents play an integral part in the life of each and every child. The most special of all bonds, grandparents are like the ‘balanced diet’ that each child needs in their formative years and beyond. Nana – nani and Dada – dadi play a number of roles in the lives of their grandchildren – a ready ear, a partner in crime, an ally like no other, a story-teller, a value-giver and above all someone who loves them unconditionally!

To celebrate this beautiful bond, we hosted a Grandparents’ Day for Playgroup and LKG. The days’ activities started with the beautiful Ganesh Vandana and Dance of Shiva by the little ones, followed by the welcome address by Ms. Asha Chadha, Vice-Principal Junior School. There was a great line up of acts performed by the eager children including nursery rhyme recitation, story-telling and dance.

The grandparents were seen beaming with happiness and pride as their grandchildren put up a spectacular performance for them. The most fun part of the event was when the duo had to team up to engage in a number of partner activities. These activities included a Holi Splash of Colors, Flower Rangoli and an exciting ‘Creative Mystery Bag’.

It was endearing to see so many grandparents revel in the celebration; in fact we also had one set of great grandparents coming in. A number of dada – dadis and nana – nanis also shared anecdotes from their life’s journey and had the most encouraging words for both the audience and the staff of the school.

Here are some glimpses from the Grandparents’ Day celebrations! 

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