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Staying Social in the times of distancing
Staying Social in the times of distancing
April 1, 2020
Good Teachers make Great Students
April 16, 2020

Remote Learning in the times of Covid – 19

While the Covid-19 seems to have put a break in our everyday lives, we at Seth M.R. Jaipuria are trying our best to not let it put a break in the academic development of our students.

Making the most of the lockdown, the school has started remote learning for all its students from 23rd March onwards. White boards and texts have been replaced by audio and video lectures and the classroom has moved on to platforms like Google Classroom and What’s App. 

The school is now fully functional online and is offering classes for all its subjects, including Sanskrit and Yoga. The teachers are following a schedule as they would in a regular school and the students are given homework and assignments to complete. Moreover, the students are tested and marked on the said topics.

Yoga exercises and workout regime is shared online and children are encouraged to practice these asanas at home. Sanskrit shlokas are recorded and explained and then shared with the students. The students are then encouraged to memorize the shloka and make a video recording of them reciting it; they are then graded on the same.  Popular programs like the Mindspark is also being conducted remotely and students are given tasks to complete.

Here are a few glimpses of our remote learning initiative