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July 26, 2020
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July 28, 2020

Harmonizing Your Faculties

Our message today for you dear students starts with a prayer that we may be able to recognize and perfect all our faculties and harmonize them into one integral and harmonious whole.
There is in each one of us the faculty of Knowledge. When we speak of Knowledge, we mean something much more than information. We mean rather that Knowledge which unites us with the Divine Principle. We need to recognize this quest and search for Knowledge within us and when we find the means to satisfy it, we will sharpen and perfect this faculty.
There is in each one of us the faculty of heroism and courage and the quest to develop strength and a powerful will which constantly endeavours for a harmonious collective and individual life in which injustice, suffering and ignorance are combated. To the extent that we are able to tap and perfect this resource of Power and Will, we will be able to fulfill ourselves.
There is in us the faculty of Love which constantly strives towards mutuality and harmony in all planes of consciousness. When we recognize this principle of Love, we shall be able to rise above the pettiness of our daily lives and arrive at a plane of consciousness where we may widen ourselves to embrace the universal. 
There is in us the faculty to serve and the aspiration to achieve detailed perfection in every action. It is by recognizing this need of our being and giving it its due importance that we will be able to find the fulfilment of our being.
Let us all tirelessly strive such that our pursuit towards self-perfection and our aspiration to harmonize our being may lead us to becoming purer and more perfect instruments of the Divine.
In the words of Sri Aurobindo, “When the full heart of Love is tranquillised by knowledge into a calm ecstasy and vibrates with strength, when the strong hands of Power labour for the world in a radiant fullness of joy and light, when the luminous brain of knowledge accepts and transforms the heart’s obscure inspirations and lends itself to the workings of the high-seated Will, when all these gods are founded together on a soul of sacrifice that lives in unity with all the world and accepts all things to transmute them, then is the condition of man’s integral self-transcendence. This and not a haughty, strong and brilliant egoistic self-culture enthroning itself upon an enslaved humanity is the divine way of super-manhood.”

– Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria

Vice Chairperson,

Integral Education Society