Seth M.R.Jaipuria school felicitated by Deputy C.M. in an event ‘Tribute to Educationists for Championing Online Education’ organized by the Times of India Group.
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July 26, 2020
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August 1, 2020

Zele – an online literary fest

” Times are tough, but so are we”….
How true are these words for these trying times. While we cope with the ‘new normal’, the students of our school continue to be at their creative best. And to support them every step of the way are our dedicated and nurturing teachers! 
The English department of the school along with students of Class 12 organized Zèle – a most unique and wonderful online literary fest. Over 75 participants belonging to Class 11 and 12 participated in Zèle, making it a huge success. 
The fest was divided into four literary events: 
Turncoat:  Participants were to play devil’s advocates, switching sides in a given topic halfway through their debates. 
Declamation: Participants were required to choose a topic out of the given 5 topics and reproduce a speech, originally delivered by a great personality. 
Voice it Out: Budding actors were judged on their voice modulation capabilities. They were asked to send a two minute long audio clipping of themselves reading out a part of their prescribed Shakespearean dramas with as much emotion as they could put in. 
Poetry Recitation: Participants were given a list of 10 words out of which 5 had to be used to knit a poem. They then recited their poems in the meeting and were given a time of 2 minutes.  
Through fests such as these, we aim to foster a love for English literature as well as hone the literary and communication skills of our students.

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