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Importance of Physical Activity in Children
August 1, 2020
VrikshaBandhan & SurakshaBandhan
August 5, 2020

Life goes On…and so must We!

Dear Parents,

Physical growth of living beings happens, even when the external world slows its pace to meet a crisis. Lockdown and confinement at home hasn’t stopped the flowing rivers, formation of sand dunes or the melting of glaciers. The growth of flowers, fruits, vegetables, all forms of vegetation and animals is oblivious of the current catastrophe so it continues. The biological growth spurts of our children are a reality not dependent on the global decision of restricting their movement and social distancing to impede the spread of this deadly virus.

If physical growth is an ongoing process even in calamities, should mental, emotional and spiritual development be left to chance? Jaipuria School’s unflinching commitment to develop its children cannot be curbed by a virus. The virtual classes that we have been conducting since 23rd March are an opportunity for children to think, innovate, study and progress to unravel the latent amidst the adversity. We have opened all domains like What’s App, Google Classroom, Zoom and YouTube so that every child can be brought on board depending on the level of adaptability to technology and the resource constraint.

Collaboration is at the heart of Indian philosophy since the very ancient ages and Jaipuria parent and student community has validated that collaboration still rules. I acknowledge the effort of all the parents who are keeping a vigil as teachers at home.

I have always maintained that every situation is a learning experience. Through your collaboration with the teachers, you have educated the children at a very young age that adversity brings with it, the tallest lessons in patience and endurance. These are the biggest virtues to develop relations. A firm and affectionate relation between the teacher and parent, besides respect for the school system ushers growth.  You have done what we wanted our children to learn; work should never stop because in work lies effusive happiness.

Irrespective of external influences that bring life to a so-called standstill, education of children at Jaipuria cannot be left to another day when everything seems normal. Preparing to learn and grow in circumstances, which are as novel as the Corona Virus, is a Conscious Transformation, which is the essence of education at Jaipuria. We cannot be sure of the duration of this external morbidity but we can, with certitude, reach out to our children to infuse the joy of learning and steer them on an onward march towards the realization that Life is movement, life is effort; it is marching forward and not stopping ever. 

Warmest Regards

Promini Chopra


Seth M.R. Jaipuria School

Gomtinagar, Lucknow