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August 21, 2020
Scope of Psychology Webinar
September 2, 2020

‘Oh what it is to be a child’

Oh, what it is to be a child
To find beauty even in the wild
To see the world, so light and free
And be One with the God in thee.

To amaze at the flutter of a butterfly
And curiously follow an ant’s trail
To gaze at the birds soaring high
And be amused by the ways of a snail.

To love the weather, wet or dry
And shine like the Sun on a dull day
To stare in wonderment at the night sky
And watch the trees do the Sway.

To dance with the heart, and not the feet
And sing without a tune
To make music, without a beat
And to find a friend in the Moon.

To love, with all their life
And grieve but only for a moment
To speak what is on their mind
And to accept all Nature’s bestowment.

Oh what it is to be a child
To see the world as it is meant to be
With everything be beguiled
And be One with the God in thee.

– Roohul Husain