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Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations
October 10, 2020
Ms.Irmeli Halinen, Head of the National Curriculum Development, Finnish National Agency of Education
October 20, 2020

Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity.

“In the middle of difficulty, lies Opportunity” –  Albert Einstein

Covid – 19 has caused havoc in our lives and has made us postpone, alter and even delete some of our plans. We have been wallowing in the alteration of our lives since the last six months; we have been waiting, impatiently so, for the Pandemic to end. 

We have been anxious, troubled, angry, dissatisfied and above all scared. And in this fear of the unknown, we seem to forget that we are still alive and living. Though no denying that this is a trying situation for humanity as a whole, it has also presented us with an opportunity, or rather five opportunities. 

It is an opportunity for us to reflect within ourselves, to introspect. It is a chance for some soul-searching; assess our strengths and weaknesses, de-clutter our mind of the noise, re-visit hobbies and passions that we left behind in life’s race and take stock of how far we have reached in our journey towards our goal.  It is a chance to finish that half-read novel gathering dust at the back of the bookshelf or to re-express creativity on a blank canvas. A chance to enroll for a course that we have always wanted to pursue but never had the time to or to master our culinary skills.

It is an opportunity for us to strengthen our physical body and give it the love and care it much needs and deserves. Years of careless eating along with the damage caused by a sedentary life-style if not fully reversed can surely be reduced if we make a conscious effort to do so. It’s a chance to set a routine and dedicate at least 40 minutes a day to physical fitness. It’s a chance to practice Pranayam daily and see a marked improvement in mindfulness, quality of sleep and stress management among others.

It is an opportunity for us to improve our relationships with others, to re-connect with those that we have pushed down in the corner of our hearts. The best place to do this is by starting at home – the ones that we love the most and yet, seem to end up hurting the most too. It is a chance to understand the dynamics with a family member and figure out where we are going wrong; the focus should be on correcting the relationship at our end for a positive change will be reciprocated on its own. It is a chance to pick up the phone and speak to the school friend with whom we lost touch after moving cities; to make birthday calls and congratulate loved ones on their celebrations, to be a shoulder, even if virtually so, for others to cry on.

It is also an opportunity for us to improve our relationship with our mind. Mental health has never been as important as it is today, and more so in the time of this Pandemic. Taking care of our mind and mental health should be our top priority; and it really is easy to do so if we set our mind to it. By building on our relationships, staying physically active, comprehending and facing steadfastly any small or big issues we may have, setting realistic and achievable goals, and above all by being grateful for what we have rather than worry for what we don’t, a healthy mind and happy ‘us’ can surely be achieved.

And of course, this is an opportunity for us to re-establish the connection with the Divine. A chance for us to re-tether the bond that is strained.  Begin by acknowledging the Divine’s presence in everything that we do – be conscious of our actions and know that the Omnipresent is within us, every step of the way. Make an effort to articulate our love for the Divine and show him how grateful we are for His blessings. Be conscious of His presence in everything – from the blooming of the flowers to the thunder of the clouds and everything in between!

Whether the Pandemic takes a few weeks or months to go away, if we consciously transform, we will achieve so much more than what we have lost, if only we respond to the opportunities knocking at our door. 

Roohul Husain

Manager – PR & Communications
Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Gomtinagar