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Happy Children’s Day
November 14, 2020
Team Jaipuria Wins Awards at MUN
December 22, 2020

Diwali Celebrations

This year, we were not able to celebrate Diwali with each other in person but we sure did manage to revel in its celebrations virtually. The school organized a number of campaigns, catering to students of all ages. 


We wanted to educate our students about the harmful effects of fire-crackers on life, both human and otherwise. We thus encouraged our students to take a vow to completely boycott fire-crackers and educate their friends, family, neighbors and the society at large, to do so too. Each day, a poster discouraging the use of firecrackers was sent to all students, teachers and staff alike. Some of the students volunteered in the campaign and sent us posters of their own.

#D.I.Y. Diwali Crafts

Due to the Pandemic, buying decorations from the stores or Diwali markets seemed quite risky. Hence, we decided to do a series of DIY craft videos for our students. There were a total of 7 videos made, one for each day. The crafts made were paper lanterns, bandhanwar, colorful coasters, tea light holder, diya, Puja thali and Lakshmi Ji’s charan. The students were encouraged to make the crafts and share pictures of the same.


A 5-day campaign on narration of Diwali stories by students was organized. From Class 3 to Class 11, selected students beautifully narrated the story for that day.  

#Nritiya Natika

In a beautifully composed sequence, students from Class 5 to Class 11 participated to depict the story of Lord Ram’s victory over the demon-king Ravana and Lord Ram and Sita’s victorious return to Ayodhya.The Nritiya – Natak comprised of a short speech on Lord Ram, followed by a beautifully choreographed group dance on the song Sri Ram Chandra Kripalu.


We asked our students to make a Rangoli using only household ingredients and not commercial colours. Thus, the color yellow was replaced by turmeric, the color red was replaced by red chilli powder, green color was replaced by leaves whereas different kinds of flours made different base colors.