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January 16, 2021
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January 19, 2021

Middle-School Projects

We believe in the holistic development of all our students as well as in giving them direction to consciously transform into the best possible version. To aid them in their journey, one such initiative is the Projects undertaken by our Middle-School students. The aim of these projects is to make students aware that they are responsible for their growth and to become conscious of their responsibilities to enhance their Physical, Vital and Mental Being.

Class 5 – Responsible & Conscious Student

This project had three stages – in the first stage, students were asked to step into the shoes of their parents and speak about the difficulties faced by them in the present Covid situation; in the second stage students presented their teachers’ perspective and in the last stage of the project, they assessed themselves, spoke about their learnings and their journey towards becoming a responsible and conscious student.

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Class 6 – Raising Universal Consciousness

In this project, students are encouraged to find role models from varied fields, whose contributions have raised the Universal Consciousness of Humanity, as a whole. The students are then encouraged to showcase their learnings either in a presentation, enactment, dance or a skit.

This year, our students chose inspiring personalities whose contribution in their respective fields is truly remarkable. Viraj Gupta spoke about Sunder Lal Bahugana, the environmentalist behind the ‘Chipko’ movement whereas Rennie Rastogi spoke about Arunima Sinha, the world’s first female amputee to scale Everest. Other great personalities included Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm founder), Kailash Satyarthi (Social Reformer), Sadhguru (Author & Spiritual Speaker) and Deepa Malik (Athlete) among many others.

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Class 7 – Reflections

Class 7 students were given Project Reflections with the aim of introducing students to the ideologies and vision of famous personalities who have brought about a great change in the society. The precedent set by such progressive countrymen and the inspiration that one can gain from these personalities, help the children in becoming their best version.  

This year, our students chose personalities from varied backgrounds – from sportspersons to social activists & reformers, freedom fighters to ex-Presidents to even celebrities, the presentations were beautifully executed as well as highly insightful for the audience as well. Some of the revered personalities spoken about were Mother Teresa, Sarojini Naidu, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda and M.S. Dhoni, among others.

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Class 8 – Personal Transformation

At a crucial juncture in their lives, students take up a project called the Personal Transformation Project. We all introspect and are blatantly honest with our own selves. Hence, every child knows his/her shortcomings and the areas which need improvement. The main target of this project is to help the child zero in on that aspect, plan out a way in which he or she can consciously transform himself or herself and then like a beautiful butterfly, emerge as a completely changed individual. The project demands that each student identifies an issue in his/her life which is very close to the heart and needs to be worked upon. The students work on this project within a course of six months, after being oriented by their class teachers and finally present it.

This year has been a challenging one for everyone, but there were some who decided to turn that into an opportunity; it makes us so proud to have our students use this time wisely. The diversity of the topics chosen by the students is a testimonial to their sincerity and deep understanding of the very objective behind this project. Some of the topics included, ‘ How I learnt to find happiness in small things’( Ananya Jain ), ‘ How I improved my relationship with my grandmother’(Prakriti Srivastava), ‘ How spirituality became the basis of my transformation’(Krinali Nayak) and ‘How I adopted a healthy lifestyle’ (Ekaansh Singh) among others.

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