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Morning Assembly – 7th June, 2021
June 8, 2021
World Environment Day
June 8, 2021

Morning Assembly (Junior School) – 7th June, 2021

The Junior School assembly on 7th June was conducted by 4D on the thought-provoking topic of Empathy.
The host for the assembly was Siddhi Misra and the beginning shloka was recited by Naisha Verma. Ezma Ali and Anushka Pandey recited the morning prayer and the forgiveness prayer respectively. The thought for the day was presented by Kushagra Verma whereas Medhansh Ojha recited a self-composed poem titled Karuna. Other speakers included Janya Chugani ( narrated a short story), Pooja Bisht Ma’am and Joyita Mishra Ma’am and Gaurika Srivastava (presented the concluding shloka.)