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Highlights of the Morning Assembly (31st May to 5th June, 2021)
June 9, 2021
Morning Assembly (Middle & Senior School)- 9th June 2021
June 9, 2021

Morning Assembly (Junior School) – 9th June 2021

The junior school assembly on Wednesday, 9th June was conducted by Grade 4G on the topic Kindness & Compassion.
The host for the assembly was Arnav Chaudhary and the beginning shloka was recited by Atulya Shree. Shanvi led everyone into the morning prayer followed by Swara Dixit who recited her self -composed poem  titled A heart that cares. 
The forgiveness prayer was recited by Isha Agarwal whereas Abhigya Pratap Singh narrated a doha by Kabir. 
The assembly was also addressed by Kavishi Upreti Ma’am and Roopsie Bhargava Ma’am and was concluded with a shloka recited by Anshul Kumar.