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Morning Assembly – 28th June
July 3, 2021
After-school Gita Sessions
July 21, 2021

Morning Assembly – 29th June

The Middle and Senior School morning assembly on Tuesday, 29th June was conducted by 9F on a topic most relevant in these troubled times – Mental and Physical Health.
The assembly began with Devesh Sharma Sir explaining the deep meaning behind “Om”; the host for the session was Manzil Chaudhary. Avni Pandey recited the beginning shloka while Rudrakshi Agarwal and Anshika Dwivedi presented the prayers. 
The thought for the day was presented by Aadya Saxena. Gauri Singh and Aarna Misra spoke on ways to improve mental health whereas Rudrakshi and Avni Pandey spoke on the importance of physical fitness. Wamika Misra shed light on improving mental health to cope with tough situations. 
Other speakers included Anushka Tiwari who narrated a story and Gauri who presented the last shloka.