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Morning Assembly – 29th June
July 5, 2021
Poems by Middle-School Students
July 22, 2021

After-school Gita Sessions

It is said that the Bhagavad Gita is not just a mere scripture, but a reference manual for life. No matter how tough the circumstance or difficult the question, the Gita always has solutions to offer.
As an education institution, we aim to help our students connect with their latent spirituality through many initiatives. One step in this direction is the after-school Gita sessions.

These sessions, attended by teachers, parents and students alike, is a medium to understand the life lessons taught in this great text and to apply these lessons in our everyday lives. In each session, a shloka from the Geeta is recited and its meaning is taught and discussed with the attendees. The shloka is explained through various stories and experiences to ensure that it is understood in totality. The participants then present their own views on the shloka and their learnings from it. There is also a quiz conducted at the end of each session to revise the day’s learnings.

When the Pandemic hit the ‘pause’ button in our lives, many of us were unable to cope with the multitude of challenges that came with it. The Geeta sessions have been especially helpful in coping with these challenges and adopting the new normal. The sessions have not only helped the participants realize their latent spirituality, but have also helped them reach a stage where they accept everything as the Lord’s blessings.