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July 25, 2021
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August 4, 2021

JMUN 2021 – Day 1

The eighth edition of Jaipuria Model United Nations started off on 23rd July 2021 with participation from 17 schools and more than 250 delegates.  The day’s proceedings began with an opening ceremony with addresses from Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria (Vice-chairperson), Mrs. Promini Chopra (Principal) and Dr. Preeti Singh (JMUN Co-ordinator). The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was Ms. Tulika Srivastava , Executive Director – Women World Asia Fund.

On day 1, delegates officially initiated the committees and started their journey to deliberate, defend and deliver matters of global importance over the next few days.

United Nations Security Council

While addressing the continued presence of landmines, the relevance of the Ottawa treaty was discussed. Russia advocated their use of landmines and emphasized that civilian casualties were minimal due to their mines. The United Kingdom objected and asked Russia to explain their role in the Libyan crisis which it tackled with grace, putting the blame on the USA. Productive discussions took place regarding the impact of landmines on Agriculture and Economy and the use of anti-personnel landmines. The delegates agreed upon the importance of landmines with regard to their defensive forces since they gain strategic advantage upon reshaping their terrain.

World Health Organization

The committee meeting began with the delegates discussing the agenda of devising a sustainable and equitable public health infrastructure with special emphasis on vaccine distribution. The delegate of China portrayed its communist policies and tried to gain support from the developing nations. As a clear representation of the unprecedented times, the delegates displayed signs of skepticism and started requesting the executive board to allow them to send chits to other countries directly instead of sending them through the committee in charge. 

United Nations General Assembly – SOCHUM

The first session was spent by the delegates in introducing the complex web of transnational organized crime to the committee; this was helpful as every opening statement was an admission of the existence of a pandemic which has often eluded public recognition and scrutiny.

Rajya Sabha

The session started with Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of opposition who pointed out the need of spreading awareness on public health amongst the masses especially in these times of a pandemic. Next, Ram Gopal Yadav of Samajwadi party made heart piercing statements in the house talking about how leaders should acknowledge and take action for the most affected – the people who have been pushed towards poverty due to the pandemic.

United Nations Human Rights Council

The delegates discussed at length the role of social norms in preventing women from accessing technology and the effect of harmful stereotypes. As the committee sessions progressed, the delegates also seemed to come across a number of possible solutions to the agenda at hand. The use of Artificial Intelligence in reducing the gender digital divide, encouragement of STEM education, and promotion of women owned business to strengthen their economic status, were a few things discussed by the delegates at length.

Emergency Meeting of the Council of Ministers

The first session of the Emergency Meeting for the National Guard and the Council of Ministers of Cyprus started with addressing the doubts of the delegates, and clarified the nature and proceedings of the committee. This was followed by an explanation of the background crisis at hand- Turkish invasion of Cyprus. The Minister of Defense raised a motion to set the agenda, and the committee started. The members of the council of ministers of Cyprus gave their insights and recommendations to stop the invasion of Turkey, and prevent it from gaining even more territory.

Soviet Military Administration Council

The delegates discussed the various situations and problems, including the instabilities of east Berlin and the grave situation of the economy. The delegates were introduced to a crisis update which included the increasing use of Deutschmark in East Berlin, movement of people of East German and East Berlin towards West Berlin. The delegates discussed numerous solutions to the problems presented before the committee and will be implementing a plan of action.

Global Press Summit

In the first committee session, the correspondents entered into a formal debate and established a GSL. The agenda was set with Fox News having a complete influence over the committee. Each press correspondent was successful in comprehending the agenda by putting forward substantial arguments.

Each press correspondent defended their News agency with a dignified speech. According to Fox News, “People consider opinions as fake news”, and suggested a solution that news must be verified on media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. According to The Dawn, “Fake news is the main reason for mistrust and fake news in media news is increasing for all agencies including Dawn.”