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Raazmataaz, 2021 Winners
November 18, 2021
Grade 3 Science Project- Birds
November 22, 2021

Spring Fest’21 Winners

The annual Inter-School event, Spring Fest, was conducted on 29th & 30th October, 2021 by Spring Dale College, Lucknow on the theme ‘Reprendre’.

Participants from our school showcased their talents, winning in multiple events.

1) Event: Hyper Nova Lit (Story on Scratch Software)

Kartik Agarwal Class 6

2) Event: Monologue Level 1

Sarthak Mishra, Class 8- 1st

3) Event: VLOG Creation

Manya Panjwani, Class 11- 1st

4) Event: Innovation for Sustainable Development

Kartikey Singh, Class 12- 1st

5) Event: LARP (Live-Action-Role play)

Yasar Alavi, Class 6- 3rd