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Investiture Ceremony 2021-22
January 6, 2022
Inter-School Bhavani Bharati Competition 2021
January 10, 2022

Principal’s Address to the Student Council 2021-22

Dear Teachers, Students and Council Members,
A warm welcome to the 2021 Investiture Ceremony which hopefully marks the culmination of the phase of a disrupted school since March 2020.
My heartiest congratulations to all the members of the Student Council who have been nominated by a body of teachers who have seen you transform and grow over the years. It is essential for you to understand why you are among the chosen ones; the responsibilities that you have to assume as a Student Council member and the aspirations we have for you.
Your teachers have nominated you to appreciate your sense of responsibility and the aplomb with which you have conducted yourself in curricular and co-curricular activities. This honour also appreciates the initiatives taken by you to raise the school’s consciousness by transforming yourself and the student community.
I must enumerate the responsibilities we would like you to assume as Student Council members. We expect the Council Heads and the team of Prefects to be exemplary in behaviour, to work with utmost sincerity, and create a culture of compassion and reverence, not only for teachers, support staff, parents and guests, but also for fellow Jaipurians, be it a class senior or junior. Be vigilant to every activity happening in the school so that the school environment becomes healthy, caring, compassionate, safe, progressive and conducive to growth.
You can promote only that which you practice. Accept your personal as well as collaborative achievements with humility and gratitude. Observe the two-minute silence time religiously and ensure that your class follows it too. Internalising in silence will take you to depths you cannot fathom at present.
We want you to grow into inspirational leaders. However, if you want to be inspirational you have to be inspired. Find your inspirations. In fact, a commitment larger than yourself can be your best inspiration. A Jaipurian leader should not live a customised life where status quo is the rule. We would want you to live an inspired life where you challenge yourself and lead people to take up meaningful growth-oriented tasks they would otherwise be unwilling to venture into. Upgrade yourself continuously so that you fulfil your commitments and don’t fall. Integrity is a basic element of inspiration. Rise above your self-interest so that people around you can experience your integrity.
We aspire you to believe in the school’s philosophy of Integral Education and work towards excellence by constant Conscious Transformation, so that you stand in good stead in every situation.
Advice, I must; because I am your teacher and parent to you – dictate, only as the last resort; walk with fellow Jaipurians so that affectionate collaboration and camaraderie become the hallmark of Jaipuria.
Mrs. Promini Chopra