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Menstrual Awareness and Cleanliness Drive by the Social Awareness Club
April 4, 2022
Vaccination Camp for Students
April 9, 2022

Senior School Last Assembly – Session 2021-22

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
As the Session of 2021-22 came to a closure, students along with the teachers came together to celebrate the year that was on 25th March, 2022.
The members of the Student Council addressed the students, reminiscing about the time they spent in the school and expressing their gratitude towards the teachers and the institution. They also shared the achievements and events organised by the students in the 2021-22 session.

The School Colours were awarded to the students for their exceptional skills and accomplishments in various fields as part of the school.

School Colours
Music Indian (Vocal)
Yashi Singh
Music Instrumental (Violin)
Siddharth Gupta
Music Instrumental (Tabla)
Ayush Aryan Singh
Music Instrumental (Percussion – Dholak)
Nupur Misra
Music Instrumental (Guitar)
Harshvardhan Singh
Anushrita Ghosh
Sonakshi Maheshwari
Sports (Hockey)
Ayush Pandey
English Creative Writing
Devanshi Srivastava
Hindi Creative Writing
Aishnai Singh
Academics (Science)
Pranav Gupta
Academics (Humanities)
Parth Gupta
Academics (Commerce)
Manas Sainath
Nilay Gupta
Public Speaking
Mehul Singh
Saurabh Verma
Sanskrit and Yoga
Lavanya Gupta
Exemplary in Public Speaking, Design Thinking, Academics, Leadership and Organisation
Sania Bhargava
Exemplary in Public Speaking, Design Thinking, Academics, Leadership and Organisation
Krishna Agarwal

The top 15 students who had scored most from grades 9 and 11 were felicitated as well.

Grade 9
Grade 11
Rank 1 – Avi Gupta
Rank 1 – Jayesh Khare
Rank 2 – Abhijeet Verma
Rank 2 – Aanya Singh
Rank 3 – Aradhya Purwar
Rank 3 – Shubhrank Awasthi
Rank 4 – Shreya Singh
Rank 4 – Vanshika Agarwal
Rank 5 – Mhirah Naeem
Rank 5 – Bushra Mashhood
Rank 6 – Rudrakshi Agarwal
Rank 6 – Nachiketa Narain
Rank 7 – Vibhu Kumar
Rank 7 – Ayush Agarwal
Rank 8 – Atulya Pandey
Rank 8 – Pulkit Singh
Rank 9 – Spandan Tripathi
Rank 9 – Lavanya Singh
Rank 10 – Saransh Mishra
Rank 10 – Yashi Srivastava
Rank 11 – Aarya Tandon
Rank 11 – Sarthak Agarwal
Rank 12 – Zoya Khan
Rank 12 – Kavya Choudhary
Rank 13 – Utkarsh Verma
Rank 13 – Shashwat Agrawal
Rank 14 – Tanishka Singh
Rank 14 – Swarnim Rastogi
Rank 15 – Janhavi Rai
Rank 15 – Shivansh Rai
Certificates for intra-school events were presented to the organisers and winners of the respective events. The assembly then concluded with the results of the Inter-House Hockey, Football and Basketball Championships for the session 2021-22 being announced.
Inter-House Hockey Championship
Inter-House Football Championship
Inter-House Basketball Championship
House of Strength
House of Perfection
House of Strength