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Prem Ramayan by Sri Atul Satya Koushik
April 22, 2022
Helping the Help Initiative by Social Awareness Club
April 23, 2022

Earth Day Celebrations

Every action, no matter how big or small, matters in making the Earth a healthier planet.

With the objective of making our children aware of the various resources made available to us by Mother Earth and the importance of conserving them, teachers of Pre-primary grades used story-telling, discussions and hands-on activities as the means.

Students unitedly created the Earth with their blue and green hand-prints besides putting on badges to showcase the celebration. For them, such activities provide for a source of learning as well as entertainment, building skills that aid the Physical growth of the being.

Drawing a picture of the Earth the way they would like for it to be, strengthened their visualisation capabilities while also focusing on their emotions.

Through teamwork, students with their teachers created the Earth using various methods like sponge painting, brush painting, cotton dabbing as well as hand-printing. They also pasted green paper leaves on individual blue circles, turning their Earth green.

The aim to instill the realisation of the world which they live in, was evidently achieved by their enthusiasm throughout the day.

Middle School students found an outlet for the expression of their creativity in decorating the boards in the school corridors. Collaborative work brings best results and that held true in this case as they showcased their joint efforts in the form of posters and paintings. Grade 7 students expressed their concerns and love for Mother Earth through poetry as well.

The Planet Club also organised the Inter-House Geography Quiz for Middle and Senior School students on the day. Questions for the four teams in each category ranged from geographical facts about the world to the establishment and celebration of Earth Day across the globe. The House of Wisdom claimed victory in both the Middle and Senior categories. The well-organised event was quite educational for both the participants and the audience.

A first at Jaipuria, Sand Art was created under the guidance of the Art teacher, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Prajapati. The students put in hours of intensive work to create their masterpiece which portrays a human hand holding the planet Earth with the sapling on the Earth representing nature.

The work speaks of how we should conserve nature. All life on Earth depends on plants and through their art, they seek to spread the message of the importance of nature preservation.

Sand Art by Aarush Prakhar – 8F, Divyash S. Baiswar – 8F, Krisna Chandra Gupta – 8F, Rudra Pratap Singh – 9G, Mudita Shukla – 9G, Aishwarya Khanna – 10B, Kinjal Singh -10B

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria, the key is to build responsible and conscious citizens of the global world through events and days such as these, who will help it thrive, for a healthy planet is not an option but a necessity.