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May 9, 2022
Colour Week at Playgroup
May 18, 2022

Mother’s Day Celebrations

‘A mother is the sun whose light shines on us every day, the one that makes troubles go away.’

In preparation for Mother’s Day on 8th May, children of Playgroup lovingly created cards for their caring mothers. They made an ice cream by using the ‘salt painting’ technique which is a fun way to combine art and science together. Being quite visual, this hands-on way was indulging for children as they learned about concepts like ‘absorption’ when they transformed their ‘white glue ice-cream’ into a colourful one.

Our Pre-primary students also created cards and string necklaces for their mothers. These little hands formed the presents with love and complete dedication, and were brimming with enthusiasm to gift them to their mothers as soon as they rushed home.

Celebrating Mother’s Day, students made the day a memorable one for their mothers through tiny gestures. Showering them with gifts, making cards, portraits, handprint collages, bringing breakfast, cakes and flowers, and helping their mothers all through the day to appreciate their unconditional love and support was sure to make the day special.