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Principal’s Message

Dear Children

We have often reiterated that our aim in life should be to become the perfect instruments of His will. Far-fetched, it seems! Instead of obscuring this aim from our thoughts, we must remind ourselves that humankind’s yearning to achieve more than the present is the edifice of all inventions, discoveries and evolution.

If we are determined to fulfill the purpose of our life which seems unachievable, we can set it into tangible, easier to discern shorter goals. Two comprehensible goals are; a robust education to intensify the prospects of a respectable profession, and to earn enough money for satiating all desires to be happy. Let us ponder over these two goals and analyze all that can be achieved.

Your approach to exams and not alone passing the exams determines the status of your profession. When you engross yourself wholeheartedly in your text book and excogitate upon the subject, the information mutates into knowledge. Inward pondering, over the acquired knowledge develops the power to ask meaningful questions and propels the quest to find answers. If this impatience to learn through your own reflections becomes your habit, you will soak the knowledge that abounds the world to expand in wisdom. This entire process happens, only when your commitment to the task at hand is unwavering and consistent. The onus is on you to find your imperfections, step up your effort, work with sincerity and dedication to reach the first goal. In a journey whose course is set with this attitude, transformation to a more perfect you is an established rule notwithstanding the goal. It goes without saying that all organizations grab committed, self-driven individuals who learn at each step and transform themselves to achieve their targets.

Pause for a moment and think; a simple phenomenon of an apple falling on Newton’s head gave birth to the laws of gravity because Newton indulged to think rather than accepting it as a fact. If day and night and changes of seasons were accepted as a regular phenomenon by Kepler, the movements of earth and planets would have remained a mystery. From a young curious boy in a small village to being the coordinator in India’s first nuclear tests in 1974 to being the leader of Pokharan II, 24 years later and finally being the President of India is the journey of pious devotion of the missile man, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. His character and achievements can be your inspiration to aspire for your desired goal and prepare for a profession of your choice.

In all the speeches Dr. Kalam delivered, I felt joy befriending him. His thoughts exhibited passion for the task at hand and actions revealed his obligation towards the society. We emphasize on value inculcation at school because it is a tool for you to go beyond the oft repeated second goal of being happy. Silent musings, compassion and humility can usher in the perception that your achievements are miniscule, in comparison with the vast horizon within you and the wide spectrum outside you that has to be fathomed. Gratitude for His grace and for all the links in your onward march towards your aim, lead you to joy which is a state higher than mere happiness; the second goal.

My dear children, aren’t these two goals of joy and success within your reach? If you realize these two goals, you will have a brush with the aim of life as enumerated in the Gita. Missing steps and stumbling are inevitable but achievement is also inevitable if you resolve to move on undeterred.

From the Principal's Desk

Principal’s Message

When I read the Bhagwad Gita and reflect upon how God created the universe everything else seems so superfluous’. These insightful words were said by the great scientist Albert Einstein.

How fortunate we are to be born in the land of the Bhagwad Gita. This country is not just an area of land, a conglomerate of states, roads, mountains, forests or water bodies but a principle and abiding by the principle is patriotism.

I am sure you are aware of the sacrifices made by our soldiers every moment. Not even for a moment should you allow these sacrifices to go into oblivion if you are an Indian in heart and soul.

We have advanced in infrastructure, industries, healthcare, education, science, technology and agriculture and we owe these developments to committed Indians whose eyes survey the world but feet are deeply embedded in the culture of this land. The precedent set by such progressive countrymen, is enough to incite you to work with zeal to make India the best in the world.

You are a reservoir of energy, creativity and progressive ideas and you constitute a large population of this country yet India has not reached the zenith of development.

Why is it so?

Well, it is because there is a difference between what you do and what you are capable of achieving. Recover the Vedanta, the Gita, the Yoga and the philosophy of your country not only in intellect but in your life to connect with the deeper fearless and invincible you.

Broaden your vision not only for yourself but also for your country and work upon perfecting your actions to achieve the aim of a mighty India which leaves an indelible imprint on the world.

Let that momentary surge of patriotic feeling on seeing the national flag in a foreign land become a continuous wave that brings you to the realization that you collectively are the country which is bound to emerge as a superpower with your concerted effort not as `I’ but as an Indian because India is your identity.

Principal's Address on Republic Day

Principal’s Address I consider it my privilege to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all of us on the 73rd Republic day in the 75th year of Independence.

I often hear people lament about the prevalent plagues in our country corruption in endemic proportions, illiteracy, an irrelevant education system that does not breed empowered innovative minds, suppressed basic sanitation, a flawed healthcare system, poverty, pollution and the like.

Indeed, these problems exist but the enormity of these social, political and economic plagues has visibly lessened. Globally, the country is a force to be reckoned with. I take pride in my country’s development so far but progress is a never ending process.

Dear Indians, no nation is perfect; it has to be made perfect by human endeavour, the guiding force being a deep seated love and commitment to the nation. In such a diverse overpopulated country, the onus is on us to create a growth-enabling ecosystem instead of leaving everything to our elected representatives. Today, let us look at the responsibility students and educationists have towards this great nation.

India has 487 million workers, yet two-thirds of Indian employers struggle to find workers with the right skills. This contrast points to a change much needed in the way the youth is training itself. To bridge the gap between existing employment and employability, skill-building rather than a competition for marks to seek social approval has to be worked at.

If we consider this country to be our provider and our mother, we have to toil to perfect ourselves to achieve the high, wide and lofty aim of our country’s progress- an aim that not only brings about individual progress but also development of the all encompassing mother India.

The students listening to me have to develop in them a quest for learning and a die hard attitude of perfection. This, no doubt, is arduous but in solving the tougher tasks lie richer experiences of life, growth being the resultant of all such experiences. Teachers and students, in your ascent lies the economic development of your country. All of you have to liberate yourself and our society from the old system of education which created mediocre individuals. Excellence is a continuous pursuit students must chase passionately to become resources which can bridge the gap between present day employment and capable human resource. The youth and educationists have to fight with their narrowness with the same determination with which our freedom fighters fought to establish the Indian rule.

How can we not lead the world when we are a nation with more than 50% of the population below the age of 25?

Each time you are dragged by your inertia, remind yourself of the time we have lost. Think deep and hard about where Bharat would have been if half of our population had the physical agility and dynamism characteristic of an idealistic 25 years young individual.

Dear students, our perceptions for India may vary but the underlying Unity of being Indians can’t be denied. We are one nation with an uncoloured vision of development.

I implore upon all Jaipurians to arise and awaken to steer the will force in the direction of Bharat Mata’s yearning, Bharat Mata’s calling.

Principal's address to Student Council 2020-21

Dear Teachers, Students and Council Members,

A warm welcome to the 2021 Investiture Ceremony which hopefully marks the culmination of the phase of a disrupted school since March 2020.

My heartiest congratulations to all the members of the Student Council who have been nominated by a body of teachers who have seen you transform and grow over the years. It is essential for you to understand why you are among the chosen ones; the responsibilities that you have to assume as a Student Council member and the aspirations we have for you.

Your teachers have nominated you to appreciate your sense of responsibility and the aplomb with which you have conducted yourself in curricular and co-curricular activities. This honour also appreciates the initiatives taken by you to raise the school’s consciousness by transforming yourself and the student community.

I must enumerate the responsibilities we would like you to assume as Student Council members. We expect the Council Heads and the team of Prefects to be exemplary in behaviour, to work with utmost sincerity, and create a culture of compassion and reverence, not only for teachers, support staff, parents and guests, but also for fellow Jaipurians, be it a class senior or junior. Be vigilant to every activity happening in the school so that the school environment becomes healthy, caring, compassionate, safe, progressive and conducive to growth.

You can promote only that which you practice. Accept your personal as well as collaborative achievements with humility and gratitude. Observe the two-minute silence time religiously and ensure that your class follows it too. Internalising in silence will take you to depths you cannot fathom at present.

We want you to grow into inspirational leaders. However, if you want to be inspirational you have to be inspired. Find your inspirations. In fact, a commitment larger than yourself can be your best inspiration. A Jaipurian leader should not live a customised life where status quo is the rule. We would want you to live an inspired life where you challenge yourself and lead people to take up meaningful growth-oriented tasks they would otherwise be unwilling to venture into. Upgrade yourself continuously so that you fulfil your commitments and don’t fall. Integrity is a basic element of inspiration. Rise above your self-interest so that people around you can experience your integrity.

We aspire you to believe in the school’s philosophy of Integral Education and work towards excellence by constant Conscious Transformation, so that you stand in good stead in every situation.

Advice, I must; because I am your teacher and parent to you – dictate, only as the last resort; walk with fellow Jaipurians so that affectionate collaboration and camaraderie become the hallmark of Jaipuria.

Mrs. Promini Chopra