Impact on Life of Students

The most discussed stories that are shared in life are about how a students’ school made a difference to their being, such as being part of the cultural or sports club; made advancements in technology within; have the most flamboyant dramatics society; have sports facilities to rival professional setups; even throw the coolest parties that everybody needs and desires to be at. Perhaps a school has an enviable cricket ground, or a Jacuzzi attached to the gym; perhaps there is a literary club that stands out amongst all; everything and anything that has an impact on the students: all these become a part and parcel of an individual’s being.

The best things in life encompass a journey. And yes, studying at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School generally is a memorable journey for students, as well as teachers and the management. We at Jaipuria have a motto that the day a person walks in through the magnanimous doors of the campus, marks the first day of the rest of their magnificent life, and the experience henceforth would be awesome! We encourage our students to come experience this magnificence.

The experiences that people have at our school are divergent: from excitement, enthusiasm, and gratification to a sense of achievement, responsibility and belonging. Seth M.R. Jaipuria School make people ready to challenge themselves and their peers, and go for the best. The bottom line is: always try to capture as much of the experience in the time a student spends with us; don’t rush it. Breathe. And enjoy the moment. The journey would be more than worthwhile!

Adventures Into Consciousness