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Academics & Pedagogy

Innovative Curriculum

A well-defined curriculum development process was undertaken in order to standardize the teaching – learning in K-8 grades. In sync with the vision of conscious transformation, post indepth research, the pedagogical approach for K-2 grades was defined as “Teacher led” (which means the teacher is in control of knowledge formation), grades 3-5 as “In Transition” (wherein the teacher and the students share control and responsibility for knowledge formation). For grades 6-8, the curriculum has adopted a “student-led” pedagogical approach which is pegged around the concept of inquiry based learning.

The content to be taught in each grade has been mapped and grouped concept wise in order to achieve conceptual clarity. While the syllabus guidelines of ICSE forms the core, the Jaipuria curriculum compares with international curricular standards like the National Curriculum in UK, Common Core Standards in USA, Curriculum from Norway & Finland etc.

Learning Goals have been defined for each topic based on the New Taxonomy by Robert Marzano which defined student achievement at three levels – lower, target and higher goal.

At Jaipuria in order to achieve standardization of teaching-learning, we have lesson plans for each topic which includes the learning goals, having incorporated the pedagogical approach and followed by formative assessments that tie in with the learning goals.


To enhance vocabulary and written expression of children, our Junior school plays an interesting game named ‘PASSWORD’. Everyday a new word written on a chit of paper is pasted on the door. That word becomes the password to enter the room.Any child who enters the classroom must say that word. Sometime during the day, the teacher discusses the meaning of this word. Children learn the spellings, frame sentences with the same word everyday along with newer ones added each day. A word wall of all these words is created in the classroom.At the end of the week, students compose a paragraph or a composition using the words on the word wall. This game has worked brilliantly for our students. It has made spellings so much fun!

Sanskrit Curriculum

Seth M.R.Jaipuria School, is the first school in the country to teach conversational Sanskrit right from LKG. We have adopted the Devabhasha, a graded, innovative curriculum that teaches values through Sanskrit. The pedagogy is highly interactive filled with activities and provides opportunities for inquiry. As a result our students find the language fun and converse fluently. For details about Devabhasha, you may log onto

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Enrichment Classes

While it is common for schools to run remedial classes for weaker students, at Jaipuria, we have gone a step further. We call these classes enrichment classes. Students are segregated based on learning levels. While the weaker students are taught, the students who have completed or mastered the target knowledge are also grouped and given tougher and more challenging assignments so that they can excel and grow.


Seth M. R. Jaipuria is the first school in Uttar Pradesh to take up Mindspark beginning from classes 3 to 8. This is an adaptive, computer-based audio-visual on-line program comprising both researched reading material and questions and activities to develop reading and mathematical skills. This not only helps a child to develop on his strength but also gives opportunities to remediate and improve on his weaknesses in Maths and English.