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Responsible & Conscious Citizenship

Introduced in Grade 5 with an intent to make students active, responsible, conscious and proactive citizens, this is a compulsory project that all students participate in. Students groups pick public places such as a public library, city museum, monuments, parks, airport, railway station, zoo etc. They first brainstorm what an ideal such place should be. For example, how should an ideal railway station be? They then visit the site with their teacher and make observations about how the place is different or similar from what they had imagined. Once back in school, they collate their observations, brainstorm possible solutions and suggestions and prepare a report to be presented to the administrative head of the particular public place. For example, Director of an Archaeological site etc. Students then seek an appointment with the person in charge to present the report. Through this process, they learn to own public places as their own and respect their rules of governance. They also become advocates of conscious citizenship having seen the damage up close.

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Raising Universal Consciousness

Grade 6 students pick great Indian personalities (from any field, scientists, arts, spiritual giants, sports etc.) and are guided to research about how that person has helped in raising the universal consciousness. Students are encouraged to present their findings either through art, written work, skit, mock interview etc.

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Budyy Interaction

Seth M. R. Jaipuria School mentors a school for the under-served called Navsrijan, by offerings its premises free to cost post school hours. Students at Navsrijan come from underprivileged backgrounds, most of them work during the day and come to school in the afternoon. The kind of values, ethos they bring to the table are noteworthy. To help our students understand and to build empathy for people from under-served backgrounds, Jaipuria school has started the Buddy program. Students from the main school are allowed to pick one buddy from Navsrijan. They exchange ideas and interests in order to get a glimpse into each other’s lives.

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Personal Transformation

Conscious transformation is our motto in Jaipuria. We believe that the essence of education is to help students set out on the path of conscious transformation. Students make a beginning in simple ways in Grade 8. They are asked to choose a topic which is close to their heart – can range from spending less time in front of the TV, to eating health food to gender issues etc. Once chosen, students present their plan for research and multi-faceted information about the topic. They finally present their work (which their take on the topic or how the data they collected impacted them, what chord it touched within them) in front of a jury.

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Social Transformation

Taking the idea of conscious transformation to a larger community or society, this project is an integral part of Grade 9 curriculum. Student groups choose communities they would like to work with. For example, it could be the school community etc., or sweepers, or shop keepers or doctors etc. They zero in on the social issue or issue for change. Further they plan and strategize to reach out and advocate the idea of change in the community they have chosen. All through students are encouraged to document the process. And finally at the end of the project, they present their documentation, explain idea and impact to a chosen audience.

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