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Book Club

The book club is a free thinking space created for Grade 11 students. The intent is to encourage both students and teachers to read. The reading can be from any genre. Students are given four to five themes for the year. Themes may range from “Need for Validation” to “Freedom to “Responsibility” to “Justice” to “Authority” etc. Under these themes, students have the liberty to choose any book from any genre they like. However, they are expected to write a note about how their book relates to the theme. For example, if Justice was the theme, choice of books could range from To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Merchant of Venice, Daredevil by Marvel, I Am Malala, The Honest Courtesan etc. Students are given 4-6 weeks to complete their reading, post which a discussion follows. Central questions about the theme are posed and students share perspectives from their book and their own as well. The club is mentored by the English department. While there are four themes for the year, it is mandatory that students and teachers participate in at least one theme.

Reading Challenge

Students across grades are part of an exciting reading activity led by the Library department in the school called the “Reading Challenge”. Ten different genres are chosen and announced to the students and they get 3 months to read. They may pick up books of their books under different genres. The library teachers often mentor students as go book hunting. Within the three-month period, the challenge is to read as many books as possible. At the end of three months, students partake in a forum discussion, explain details about the book and answer questions the audience may have about the book.