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The school maintains three well furnished libraries with a collection of over 18 thousand books, subscription to periodicals, newspapers and magazines. The serene ambience of these spaces inspires a love for reading.

The Junior School library is solely for the use of students from classes 1-4. Its infrastructure and vibrant design has been carefully devised considering the likes of our primary children. The library has a reading corner as well as an activity corner where students indulge in various activities like role-play of famous fictional characters etc. It has a collection of over 4500 books including different sections of books for reference, biographies, poetry, astronomy, mythology, art & craft etc.

The Middle School library caters to students from class 5 to class 8 and has a collection of around 3500 books. The highlight of this library is two virtual reality headsets and a vast collection of books on spirituality, most of them by Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and Sri Kireet Joshi.

The junior and middle school libraries have a distinct reading corner with a mat and some pillows for readers who prefer a more isolated and comfortable environment for reading.

The Senior School library caters to students of classes 9-12 and has the widest range of books in the school with over 10 thousand books in the collection. Classics, poetries, spirituality, and an extensive section on Sri Vivekanada, makes this library one of the best in the league.

Class libraries: To inculcate love for reading, school has introduced a unique concept of personalized spaces as reading corners and class libraries. In the pre-primary classes these spaces play an important role in promoting reading skills in children. The students can even issue books of their choice, on a weekly basis, from the class library. A child starts to read even before he has the ability to understand or recognize printed letters. This is made possible due to the interactive story-telling sessions by teachers.