The school is committed towards the all-round development of its students. Hence ample opportunities are made available to the students to engage in the pursuit of activities other than academics. The school offers the following activities for the students.

Playground Building

The sprawling campus is spread over an area of 10 acres and has 110 spacious classrooms, and separate blocks for various disciplines of science, music, arts & crafts, engineering subjects and Social sciences. The sprawling play fields are a treat to the eyes of any visitor to the school.

The School Playground
  Computer Lab

The school has five well furnished Computer Laboratories, equipped with 300 PCs. The school also has leased line for Internet connectivity. All students from class I to VIII learn Computer Science as a compulsory core subject. Besides this we have 70 smart class rooms.

 Senior Computer Lab






Senior Library


The school maintains three well furnished libraries one each for Junior, Middle and Senior school. In Session 2018-19 a fully equipped research room will also be added for the students. Newspapers and magazines are provided in addition to a wide range of books which also include Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Books on General Knowledge and Year Books. The libraries have around 18 K books

The library subscribes to half-a-dozen newspapers and a score of periodicals. 

dispensary (4)







The School maintains a well-equipped dispensary (infirmary) under the care of a qualified doctor and two trained nurses to look after the medical needs of the children. Regular records of weight, height, inoculation, vaccination, etc. are maintained.

swimming pool (3)

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The school maintains a magnificent swimming pool (half Olympic size) and a toddler pool for smaller children. The swimming pool is well-equipped with showers and spacious changing rooms. Cleanliness and hygiene of the pool has been given utmost importance. Regular swimming classes are held every day under the guidance and watchful eyes of professional trainers.


Class Rooms 2





Play group class room

Play Group & Kinder Garten Classes

The school has state of the art pre primary block with children in the age group 2.5 – 3.5 years in the Play Group classes and 3.5 – 6 years in Kinder Garten classes. The colourful indoor activity room incites children to indulge in hands on activities, puppet show, drama and story telling.

  Toddlers’ Pool

KG children enjoy swimming in the toddlers’ pool. Two trained swimming coaches are with the children in the toddlers’ pool.

  Swing Park

The school has a swing park with multiple moulded swings and EPDM flooring so that children can enjoy the swings in a safe and secure manner.

  Safety Measures

  1. Teachers, Support staff and G4S staff wears I.D cards.
  2. All students wear the student I.D card.
  3. Entry is restricted to all parents, visitors, guests etc. only from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. In case of emergency, Administrative Officer allows the parent to enter the school during school hours only after checking parent I.D card which has photo of Father, Mother and the student.
  4. Though vans are hired by the parents, yet they are numbered by the school to keep track of them. A list of students who go on each van is with the school and is also with the driver. A copy of driver’s license & his contact details are taken by the school management. Parents are told to get the police verification done.
  5. Bus services provided by School – Regular checking of license, their contact nos. are with school. It is mandatory for the bus contractor to get the police verification of his driver and conductor. Copies of the same have to be submitted to the school.
  6. The school has appointed an International agency G4S for housekeeping and security services. Security guards at the gates maintain a register mentioning the in and out time of visitors. Visitors are allowed in only after verification of details at the gate and issuing a visitor’s pass.
  7. Female Janitor have been hired by G4S for cleaning washroom. Maids are also posted outside washrooms and in the corridors to keep a vigil. A lady guard is also posted at the main entry of pre-primary school.
  8. School staffs is on the vigil at all three gates in the morning and at home time when the gate is open for students, One senior official is also at the gate at this time.
  9. CCTV cameras are placed in all entry/ exit gates to monitor the movement of visitors. Cameras are installed in all the corridors and outside washrooms and at swimming pool entry.
  10. A caretaker is placed in front of all ladies washroom.
  11. Teachers and student council keep a vigil on corridors, staircases and the fields at home time, in the morning and at break time.
  12. Fire drills are mandatory.
  13. A regular counselor is on the school’s rolls to counsel them individually and also to conduct sessions on good and bad touch.
  14. Classrooms and Corridors are well lit.
  15. Bus has teachers and also a maid to keep the children safe till the last stop.
  16. Support staff wears uniform provided by the school
  17. School boundary has a barbed wire above the boundary wall all round.
  18. Computer labs have hardware firewall for internet security, Antivirus for internet security and storage device for data security.
  19. A well-equipped infirmary with a trained and experienced matron.